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Protected: Maelstrom

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(Unfinished) The Flame by the Roadside

The traveler had been walking for miles without rest, determined to reach his destination before nightfall. Now in the dying light of the sun, the path had grown shadowed and  unclear, causing him to quicken his pace and grip at … Continue reading

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The Battle of Magh Tuireadh

Inspired by stories of the Tuatha de Danann, and encouraged by Niamh. There were no clouds that day. Not a single stroke of rain held back the clear and still sky from breaking through, in grim contrast with the chaos … Continue reading

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Poem – Lost Hours

I found the place where we lost our hours, abandoning grace in the sheer damp of the forest. Walking for miles, familiarity shrouded itself in gold leaves and swept up my footsteps.   Places like this convince you that stories … Continue reading

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Poem – Points of Contact

We would sing if our lips were free, and our lungs not swollen with the vacant heat that comes from seeing you again.   Here there is pale softness that stretches on far further than my fingertips can reach, but … Continue reading

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Recent Interest

I’m not normally one to update frequently enough to comment on the comings and goings of my blog, but I’d just like to take the chance here now to say welcome to all the new followers I’ve somehow been lucky … Continue reading

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Two Short Stories Now On /r/Nosleep

So to tide you over until my next update, I thought I’d let you know that I’ve recently posted two short (and semi-ongoing) stories to the horror subreddit /r/nosleep.  Merger:  The story of a man trapped within his own town. … Continue reading

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