Poem – Points of Contact

We would sing if our lips were free,

and our lungs not swollen with the vacant heat

that comes from seeing you again.


Here there is pale softness that stretches on

far further than my fingertips can reach, but I attempt it

over and over again.

You’ve asked me to.


A heavy silence fills gaps between the chorus

and what comes after. Something unnamed, but it’s

all familiar. I’ve looked for you in everyone.


Stay long enough to keep sunlight on your skin .

Drift away and return to gather more.

Fade before I remember.

You’ve asked me not to.

I write poetry to permit the use of the most flowery language I can come up with, and I usually write this physical romance because I simply love to describe it.

I think i’m without structure, but I really do enjoy it; so for this one I wholeheartedly welcome feedback and criticism. It’s not much, but hey, this blog needs some life again!

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One Response to Poem – Points of Contact

  1. Elan Mudrow says:

    Cool! I enjoyed your writing! Keep it going!
    check out:

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