Introduction – Conor McMahon

Hello! I’m a twenty-something Irish graduate who thinks he’s worth listening to. Maybe.

I’m very late with this blog, as I’ve actually written for years and mostly kept it all to myself. I’ve had an odd relationship with the process for a long time now, and at the risk of sounding like every other writer on the face of the planet; I tend to drift between confident and fearful without warning. 

This is my attempt to make up for lost time then, and dump whatever I happen to write on what will hopefully be a weekly basis. I’m already grateful that you’ve visited, so thanks in advance and I hope you enjoy whatever I’ve happened to put on here!

It’ll vary from standard blog posts to whole reviews, and then of course short pieces of fiction and whatever I end up creating really. I have absolutely no idea by this point to be honest! It’s a slow start that will hopefully become something a lot more over time.   I’m a lovely boy really. Enjoy.

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